Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Humber Speedster Project - Update # 4

The last update was back in early March, and due to life and other things, (starting a new business and opening the Studebaker shop), getting in the way I haven't done much work on the Humber lately. However over the past week some progess has been evident - the seat upholstery has been finished, the head light buckets and rims polished, the grille was designed, cut and polished and the distributor rebuild completed. All in all an expensive week ;-)  but great to have those things ticked off the list. My initial (whishfull thinking) deadline to have the Humber on the road was June 30th this year, I can hear that deadline whooshing past already. My revised time frame is 'later this year' some time ;-)
The design was a collaboration bewteen myself and my wife Svenja, we think it turned out great.

It took a while to get from the first sketch, but it turned out great. My thanks to Ray & Lyn at LLEDO Trimmers - Murarrie

I have a sneaking suspicion I've created a rod for my own back with all that brass that will need polishing!

Heres'a good view of the new radiator core and rebuilt distributor.

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