Sunday, 23 September 2012

New Zealand Trip 2012

The New Zealand 'WoW' Awards (World of Wearable Art), are held in Wellington NZ each year, the night when many NZ and international artists get the recognition for their creativity, and their hard work. My wife is a Textile Artist and has been involved with the WoW Awards for the last five years, this year's entry incorporated a metal frame which I help build by teaching her how to braze, and advising on other engineering aspects, so I earned the title of co-designer, and get to share the stage with her.
(The garment being used everywhere by WoW for advertising, as seen on their billboard on the link, above is one of Svenja's creations from a year ago).

Svenja, and I came over a week early to take in some of the New Zealand sights around the north of the south island. We took the ferry across from Wellington to Picton and drove across to Nelson, absolutely beautiful scenery and countryside.

It was a little chilly on ferry!

Arriving in Picton
One of Nelson's city streets.
To be continued.....

Well, we're back in Brisbane, and I have to say it's a lot warmer than NZ! Both Svenja and I are dissapointed her, (our :-), piece didn't place in WoW, but it's made me realise wearable art is her thing not mine, I'll stick to Studebakers, (and help her out with any future garments that need it of course).
Here are some photos of her WoW entry.

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