Sunday, 17 June 2012

Steam Stuff.

I was involved in the building, and worked as relief Engineer on the Paddle Steamer Cumberoona in Albury NSW between 1987 to 1989. It was a dream job after seeing the Murray River paddle steamers as a child while on school holidays with my family.

I worked at the Moreton Central Sugar Mill, (Nambour), during the 1980 crushing
 season to clock up my Engine, Turbine & Boiler time. This is the No. 3 Engine
 and gears, you can see the 12" square drive going to the crusher rollers. The engines
product 300 Horse power @ 75 rpm (max revs 120). The 12' flywheelsweighed about
2 tons.

Built in 1890 by Stewart Engineering Glasgow.

I attended a Field Day & Machinery Show in Brisbane in about 1977 and saw this restored 10 Horse power Marshall
Tration Engine. The owner had rescued it from beside the Bremner River near Tentafield in about 1976, which by coincidence was the engine below, I use to go rabbit shooting on a neighbouring property and stumbled across it
by accident. I was really good to see the old girl restored to her former glory, I toyed with the idea of trying to get it
myself, but the owner wanted a $1,000 for it, (which I didn't have), and it weighed about 10 tons, the retreaval
would have been a huge job.  

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