Saturday, 9 June 2012

My Bikes.

I did get back into bikes, I had the occasional Honda commuter bike to get to work, but no real road bikes until 2001, I bought a new 1100cc Yamaha V Star, affectionately called the 'Porn Star' by fellow riders in a bike group I was in, (the details later). Pic to come.

I upgraded the Porn Star for a 2004, 2000cc Kawasaki Vulcan, why? Well I'd had some ongoing electrical issues with the V Star, and was very disappointed with Yamaha's service, it was in the workshop more than on the road. I was walking past a Kawasaki Dealership one day looked in and saw one of the most interesting looking bikes I had ever seen, yep the Vulcan. I had a huge nacelle surrounding the headlight, and was, was just a monster of a bike, (275kg dry weight), It was love at first sight. After a test ride I ordered one that day, the first one sold in Q'ld. I ended up selling the Porn Star to another club member, another decision I came to regret. I still have the Vulcan, it sits in the shed under a cover these days unfortunately.
Just getting a drink at the Story Bridge Hotel on the Vulcan, as we called it the 'Truck'
Oh, why did it get called the 'Porn Star'. Well it was a name give by the females of the bike group, 'ISRA', (International Star Riders Association), all stemming from a ride to Kyogle in northern NSW about 2002. I was single at the time and had a spare pillion seat and one of the girls wanted a change from her usual ride, (her husband's V Star I hasten to add), 'no problems' I said, 'hop on'. After we had stopped for morning coffee one of the other girls swapped with the first one, then the swapping went on all day....I'd never been so popular - what gives ? Apparently at about 105 k's the 'out of balance' back wheel sent a vibration up through the pillion seat - brings a whole new meaning to the Beach Boy's hit 'Good Vibrations'. So the girls named it the 'Porn Star', unfortunately when I replaced the rear tyre they balanced it so well the vibe was gone, but the name stuck.

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