Thursday, 6 March 2014

Studebaker of Australia

In 1966 the Studebaker Corporation, ( ceased manufacturing cars, this included the closure of their Melbourne assembly plant. Since then Studebaker car enthusiasts have procured their parts from either some small Australian distributors or from the USA. One of the more successful Australian distributors, ‘Studebaker Queensland’ operated for the past eleven years under the command of Chris Skinner, but unfortunately closed its doors on March 1st. On March 2nd ‘Studebaker of Australia’ still piloted by Chris commenced operations.  'S o A' plans to continue in the same great work as Studebaker Queensland but expand the product range and services, and open a retail outlet on May 3rd 2014 in Hemmant, Brisbane. The S o A Shop will operate as a 'one stop shop' for Studebaker car enthusiasts, stocking not only spare parts but also oils and lubricants, cleaning products and Studebaker merchandise. 'Studebaker of Australia' will be the biggest thing to happen in the Australia's Studebaker car movement since 1966.

With the recent news of Holden, Ford and Toyota planning the cease production in Australia it's an ironic twist a car company closed for forty eight years has enthusiasts opening a retail outlet in south east Brisbane.

The grand opening of the shop, which from all accounts should be significant with a large number of classic cars attending. The shop will be fitted out in Studebaker Corporate D├ęcor and colours as set down in their ‘Studebaker Uniform Identity Program’ circa 1963.  Photos of the opening will be posted.

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