Monday, 10 September 2012

International Drive Your Studebaker Day - 2012

IDYSD is the brainchild of the 'Studebaker Drivers Club', designed to get Stude owners all out on one day of the year 'en masse', to show their cars and promote the brand itself. Due to the fact that most of the upcoming car enthusiasts are going for the 'Big 3' brands - GM, Chrysler & Ford, the Stude clubs around the world are all suffering the same fate - falling numbers as the existing owners / members age. My take on the problem is that all Stude owners need to promote the car itself, then the memberships will increase as a natural progession. But how do we encourage younger car enthusiats to buy and drive a brand of car that (a) 99.9999% would never had heard of, and (b) ceased production in 1966? Firstly, we have to get them to recognise the brand - get the word out Studebaker owners, talk to young people, print up the history of Studebaker and pass it out, leave copies on the windscreen of your Stude at car shows and swap meets - Become Studebaker Sales People. Ask them the question, "Is there a Studebaker in your future, if not, why not'?

 Apart from not knowing the brand, (in my opinion), there are several misconceptions that have to be corrected. That parts must be very hard to obtain and expensive, and therefore it's cheaper to get into the other brands.  Basically we have to get people in the classic car movement to                              'THINK STUDEBAKER'

My '62 GT Hawk on IDYSD 8/9/12
This car is for sale by the way, if you're interested drop me a line.

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