Sunday, 17 June 2012

Random pics from the past.

While I was looking for the photo of my first Stude I found a few others I thought I'd scan and put up in here.

I traded the '65 Cruiser and an AP5 Valiant (The green one in the background) in on this Charger, when I returned from working in the West Australian mines in 1979. During one of my parents trips away I swapped the pressed wheels from their Valiant Regal over onto the Charger and painted them white, they looked shit hot, (and Mum and Dad never noticed ;-) 

1965 Stude Cruiser. I had this car from 1977 to 1979. You'll notice the bonnet has been vented, I was working at a sheet metal shop at the time and throught it would look cool. It did indeed, but as with a lot of the 283 cid SBC it had bad blow by with the oil fumes coming out through the vents onto the windscreen ;-(

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